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What do I need to do before I can order parts?

In order for our parts department to be able to identify the correct parts for your trailer we have to have the VIN number off of the trailer. The VIN number is located on the front left side of the trailer and it has 17 digit consisting of both numbers and letters.  Usually the number is stamped on the hitch area, on older models it can be attached to a plate on the front of the deck assembly. To assist in ordering parts please use the form HERE.

How do I know what trailer will fit my needs?

Prior to calling, it is helpful to know a little bit about your equipment. Description, Weight, Tow Vehicle, Budget etc. Anything you can tell us will help us make recommendations and help you achieve your goals. If you have never had a TrailMax Trailer then it is best to talk with one of our Factory Reps to discuss the proper trailer for the job. Call us at 1-208-454-0718.

Does TrailMax offer financing?

TrailMax works with some of the best equipment financing companies in the industry. Let us put them to work for you and get a lease or finance program tailored to your specific needs.

I want to buy a trailer but I still have my current trailer, can TrailMax take my used trailer as partial payment?

We are frequently taking in used trailers on trade. Give us a call so we can help you work out a deal.

Tech Topic F.A.Q.

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How do I know what trailer is best suited for the equipment that I have.

Provide us with the equipment model and description and we can provide a drawing of equipment placed on the proposed trailer model.

How much weight can I safely haul on my trailer?

Trailers have a rated capacity that is based on structural considerations as well as running gear and hitch components. Though the trailer is designed for the capacity, we recommend an average 75-80% utilization of the trailers capacity rating for safe operation and undue stresses on the structural and running gear components taking in account potential uneven terrain conditions. Always maintain a minimum of 60% of the load forward of the center line of the axles to assure safe towing conditions.